Rooms & rates

We use MWK for our room rates. We accept cash payments only.

The big dorm is currently closed

Private rooms

We have 2 private en-suite rooms and 2 with shared bathroom. Mosquito nets and towels included. One en-suite room is a double and the other sleeps up to 4 people.

  • family room (2 single beds and a bunk bed)

    Shared shower

    MWK 36,000 (4p)
  • 2 person private room (double bed)

    Self-contained (en-suite)

    MWK 30,000 (2p)
  • family room (1 double and 1 bunk bed)

    Self-contained (en-suite)

    MWK 40,000


Four simple but tidy dorms. All beds have nets and facilities are shared. We reduced the amount of guests per room and even offer a 1-bed dorm in a very simple room in an out-building.

  • 10-bed dorm (bunk beds)

    Shared shower

    MWK 10,000
  • 4-bed dorm with fan or 1-bed dorm

    Shared shower

    MWK 12,000

No more than 5 people in the big dorm, unless it is one group traveling together

(for other people, the big dorm is currently closed)

For group bookings, please check our ‘groups‘ page


Looking for low-budget accommodation? Pakachere offers ready-to-sleep tents with mattresses & linen (not in rainy season)

  • Own tent

    Bring your own

    MWK 6,000pp
  • Paka Dome Tent (Small)

    Including mattress & linen

    MWK 20,000 (2p)
  • Paka Safari Tent (big)

    Including mattress & linen

    MWK 25,000 (2p)


We do everything to avoid spreading COVID-19. This means we have dorm beds for 1, 4 and 5 people. More than 5 is only possible when it is one group traveling together. We rotate beds and rooms, aiming to keep every room empty for 24 hours before new guests can enter. We clean every room thoroughly as usual, but we will take extra precautions.


In public spaces we disinfect door knobs, light switches and taps a couple of times per day. We have less tables in the restaurant but more in the garden to offer air & space.


We ask all guests to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds when they arrive at Pakachere and to respect physical distance of 2m between yourself, our staff and other guests. We won’t shake your hand to welcome you, and ask you to use your own pen to fill in the check-in form. We provide sanitiser to clean surfaces if you want.


Our staff does not come to work when they are feeling unwell and all front-of-house employees have been vaccinated. We have the right to refuse admission to guests who have a cough, fever or other flu-like symptoms.


Please note we only accept cash.

We prefer Malawian kwachas, but you can also pay in dollars ($; large denominations, crisp notes printed after 2013).

Only in emergencies we accept other currencies and it has to be approved by management in advance. Please ask at reception when you check-in if you want to pay in pounds (£), euros (€) or rand (ZAR). We use the bank’s selling rate. Thank you for understanding! The banks are only 5 minutes walking from Paka on the main road (M3). AT NB you can get 120.000 MWK out of the (left) machine without having to pay an extra fee and most bank cards allow 4 transactions in a row. Inside at NB at counter nr. 1 you can get more with a credit card.